Zapco Shows Ultra HDR Processors at CES. Zapco DSP-Z16


Introducing the Zapco DSP-Z16.

Zapco DSP-Z16

Zapco DSP-Z16


The next generation of processing, the ZAPCO new DSP-Z16 HDR (16 ch.) and DSP-Z12 HDR (12 ch.). HD means these are not just DSPs but HD audio players as well. Zapco HDR processors go beyond today’s normal 24bit, 96Khz high resolution standard. The HD player in the Zapco SHDR processors is actually capable of much higher resolution than the 24bit/192kHz. We’re just waiting for the music industry to catch up. An on-board Wi-Fi Access Point allows the DSP-Z16 to connect to all auxiliary devices such as the ‘In Dash’ custom controller, tablets & smartphones, PC’s, etc. R is for RTA included in the GUI. You can’t set a car up for the best sound without an RTA to show you the response of the entire system in the vehicle, so the Zapco HDR processors have an accurate real time analyzer built in. The HDR processors have all the crossover, equalization, delay, and phase control you could hope for, but they don’t stop there.

Zapco 1There is much more we could say, but there are some things we want to keep under our hat until such time as the product is actually shipping.



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