Team Zapco

Team Zapco

It was scorching hot on August 29, 2015 at the MECA Recksquad event in Avondale, AZ with the temperature reaching 111 degrees. Team Zapco sizzled and took home seven top awards in both Sound Quality and Install.

Team members Linda Kobayashi and Richard Papasin posted the top two SQ scores and Linda posted the highest Install score of the day. Their combined efforts garnered the following awards:

1st place in Sound Quality MECA MODEX class
1st place in Sound Quality MECA Extreme
1st place MECA Extreme Install
Best Car Install
Install Best of Show (top Install score of the day)
SQ Best of Show (top Sound Quality score of the day)
SQL Best of Show (top Sound Quality and Install score combined of the day)



Team Zapco

Team Zapco

Team Zapco

Team Zapco



Team Zapco Field of Competition

 Team Zapco is all about competition and the competitive spirit. Competition is the way we prove, and improve, our product. Competition is how Team Zapco members show the world that they own and build the best sounding cars anywhere.

The competitive spirit means you always want to get better. Team Zapco members want their cars to get better with every show. Team Zapco members live to compete. After all…how else can you test yourself?

Below are some of the car audio competition groups, and links to their schedules for 2014. If you’re a novice, you want to get involved, this where you can get started.

Nazionali Car Audio (NCA)

This is where it all started. In 1986,  ESB (the Italian speaker maker) began sanctioning Car audio events. They started with only 6 cars at the first show, but they had a vision.  After 3 short years and over 1000 members they formed Nazionali  Car Audio (NCA). With editors of car audio magazines as judges and advisors they began to set standards for sound quality in car audio. You can learn more about NCA at  or in the competition section of the Team Zapco Forum.

NCA Schedule of Events


International Auto Sound Competition Association (IASCA)

Since its inception in 1987, the International Auto Sound Competition Association has had a huge impact on the Mobile Electronics Industry worldwide. IASCA’s Sound-off competitions have led our industry’s manufacturers to design and produce better performing and more durable mobile electronics equipment. They also realized that to really grow in today’s market we needed to bring in new people constantly.  The realized they could turn the “sound-off” into a full fledged car “show”, and they began to elevate the “show” qualities of the cars as well as the sound. Learn more about Team Zapco dominating IASCA at

IASCA Event Schedule


European Mobile Media Association (EMMA)

EMMA – founded in 2000 – has successfully emerged to a huge community of Mobile Media Enthusiasts and Top-Class Mobile Media Specialists around the world, as well as committed Entrepreneurs. Within i few short years EMMA has become a fast growing community which is now established in more than 40 countries worldwide. Recently, EMMA has held more than 300 events with more than 20,000 cars competing. Emma has become a dominant player in the car audio scene in Eastern Europe and in Asia. Learn more about Emma at:

EMMA International Event Schedule


Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA)

A fast growing competition group that started in the US and has now spread internationally is MECA, The Mobile Electronics Competition Association  is a sanctioning body for Competitors involved with car audio sports. MECA is a membership association formed to encourage, support, and reward competitors involved in car audio sports. More of a club, than a sanctioning body, MECA is run for, and in large part, by its members. Hence this is a very fanatic group of car audio enthusiasts. Learn more about MECA at:

MECA Event Schedule


dB Drag Racing Association (dBDRA)

Founded in the 90′s  by ex-Rockford Engineer and SPL Champion Wayne Harris,  dBDRA is the premier location for sound enthusiasts who enjoy the engineering  challenges of creating ever higher SPL levels in the vehicle environment. With classes bases on woofers, on power, and with several different  types of SPL challenges, dBDRA has a place for every SPL enthusiast.  Learn more on dBDRA:

dBDRA Event Schedule


European  Auto Sound Competition Association (EASCA)

One of the newer competition formats is EASCA. This group sanctions events in sound quality (SQL) sound pressure (SPL and NBTL). You can learn more about EASCA at:


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