Team Audio Xperts World Champions Scott Welch & Larry Ng @ INAC

Scott Welch & Larry Ng INAC 2015

Scott Welch & Larry Ng INAC 2015

Congratulations to Scott Welch and Larry Ng, who between them brought home an unprecedented FOUR National Championships over the weekend at the Car Audio Championship.

Both are Team Hybrids members, whose vehicles evolved at Audio Xperts Vacaville in Northern California (and yes, that means they both drove their vehicles approx. 5,000 miles round-trip across the country, for the third year in a row).

Larry Ng earned the Championship trophy in IASCA Pro/Am, a highly contested class of 16 competitors.

Scott Welch earned the Championship trophies for IASCA SQC Ultimate 2-seat, IASCA SQC Pro, and MECA SQL Extreme. He backed that up again by earning the first-place trophies in the IASCA TKE event (with different judges) in SQC Ultimate 2-seat and SQC Pro.


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