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The ZAPCO Z150.6LX gives you 150 Watts of true Zapco power into six channels with the fidelity you need in the SQ class amplifiers.


The Zapco ZAPCO Z150.6LX was not conceived so much by our engineers but by input from audiophiles and car sound fanatics around the world. Starting about 2004, at Zapco training seminars in Asia and in the EU, we began running into audiophiles who were changing certain internal components in our amplifiers to achieve what they felt was better quality sound.

The seed of an epiphany was planted one day in a heated discussion about amplifier specs when a highly respected audiophile said “maybe your amps are too fast”. Our reaction was immediate. Too fast? Ridiculous! An amp can’t be too fast. But, as time went on, we began to discuss the possibility that we had chased the specifications to the point that we were no longer improving the sound.

For example: If people cannot hear the effect of damping beyond about 200, why do we take it to 1000, or even higher? How does taking specs to the extreme effect other aspects of sound?So for the new Z-Series of Zapco amplifiers, we experimented with internal components to see if we could take out amps to the next level of sound quality by investing in different internal components. How much would different component choices affect the overall sound quality?

What we found was that electrolytic caps, mylar caps, and tantalum caps all sound different. Different Op-Amps sound different…even if they have the same engineering specs. Output devices all sound different even though they put out the same voltages. Even the layout of components on a board will affect the sound of an amplifier. And ultimately, we found that different combinations of Op-amps, capacitors, and output devices allowed us to make a major difference in the sound quality of the amplifiers without changing the specs.The ZAPCO Z150.6LX amplifiers use the best combination of NJM5532L and OPA2134 op-amps, Tantalum capacitors, and high speed KEC and Sanken output devices to bring you what we believe are the best sounding amplifiers we have ever offered.

ZAPCO Z150.6LX Specs:

  • 6 Channel H-E SQ Full range class A/B
  • Power @ 2Ω: 6 x 230 watts
  • Power @ 4Ω: 3 x 450 watts
  • RMS Rated Power @ < 0.05%THD
  • Power @ 2Ω: 6 x 230 watts
  • Power @ 4Ω: 6 x 150 watts
  • Bridged @ 4Ω: 3 x 450 watts
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