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Zapco ST 500XM

Zapco ST 500XM

The Zapco ST 500XM Bass Amplifier is a tiny little powerhouse. The amp has 500w RMS @ 1 ohms and 250w RMS @ 2 ohms. A pair of 10’s or a single 12″ woofer will be just about right for the ST-500XM


The Studio-X line of Amplifiers from Zapco was designed specifically for today’s car audio market. The Zapco ST 500XM amplifiers are the smaller lighter amps you need for today’s smaller lighter cars. But with the Zapco ST-X amps, smaller doesn’t mean weaker or softer. With the ST-S amps you get all the power and sound quality you expect from Zapco. The Studio-X compact chassis makes it an easy fit in any car and even in motorcycle fairings. The square, low profile chassis also means it will be easy to trim out for a great looking installation so your system will look as awesome as it sounds.

And speaking of sound…This is a Zapco ST 500XM amplifier and sound is what it’s all about. The Class A/B Zapco amplifiers for mids and highs havce the same high quality caps, 5532 op-amps,and bi-polar outputs that made the C2K and Reference series amps the industry standard for sound quality. For the bass, the ST-X mono Class D amps come in 5 power levels so whether you’re running a 1Ω, 2Ω, or 4Ω load, the  ST-X bass amps are the right choice for the power for the right price,  for your system, in your car.

Reliability? Zapco defines reliability. It’s not at all unusual to see Zapco amps moved from car to car and from generation to generation. Zapco Amps produced in the ’90 are still being traded and bought on the internet by sound quality fans world wide. The Studio-x will be no different. These amps are built to last. See the Studio-X amps at a dealer today.

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