Zapco DSP Z8 – Zapco’s second generation digital signal processor

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Product Description


Zapco recognized early on the value of digital processing for the car and while others were just talking about digital processing, Zapco was doing it. In 2004 Zapco introduced the DSP-6 and the DC Reference line of amplifiers with digital processing built in. For 2012 we give you the Zapco DSP Z8, our 2nd generation of digital processing. The Zapco DSP Z8 is designed to apply the minimum amount of processing needed to your signal to put you front and center in the sound stage and to correct for the frequency imbalances of the automotive environment.

The Zapco Digital Programming Network GUI is how you control the processing of the Zapco DSP Z8. We’ve laid everything out for ease of tuning, and we’ve tried to limit the bells and whistles while providing the tools needed to make every car sound its very best. The Zapco DSP Z8 gives you full control of the crossovers, parametric equalization, signal delay of each channel and also some custom tuning tools like enhanced phase control, channel muting, and more. Keep in mind though, that this is really not a do-it-yourself product. Proper tuning of a sound system is part science and part art. On the science side, your installer will have a Real Time Analyzer, an oscilloscope, a phase tester and other tools to help him get the most out of the processing abilities of the Zapco DSP Z8. On the art side, he has likely spent hundreds of hours listening to sound systems and studying staging and tonal balance so he can bring the live music experience to your car. We highly recommend that you have an experienced professional install your Zapco DSP Z8 and tune your system with Zapco Digital Programming.

Zapco processors are legendary for both sound quality and reliability. Zapco processing started in 1978 with the famous PEQ, 9 band, dual channel control, preamp EQ. With balanced inputs, high voltage outputs, and military grade internal components, the PEQ was the first true Sound Quality EQ for the car. The PEQ was followed a few years later by the Zapco PX. The PX was the first parametric EQ for the car. With high voltage inputs and outputs, an 18dB electronic crossover, 4 parametric EQ bands, and a noise free remote power supply, the PX became the competition EQ for the 1980s. The 90’s brought the Zapco SX series of processors with Zapco parametric equalization, high voltage outputs, fader, bass to highs balance control. The SX became the new top dog of the competition circuit.

We speak also of legendary reliability. Most of the Zapco PEQ/SEQ processers produced since 1978 are still in use today, being passed along from car to car and generation to generation. We stopped production of that EQ in 2004, but we still repair, rebuild and re-screen the units for customers who just won’t give them up. In 2004, Zapco broke new ground again, with the first computer controlled digital processing network for the car. The DC line was made up of a 6-band full function DSP processor, and a line of car audio amplifiers with full function DSP built right in. And, with Zapco’s DPN network you could use a single computer screen to move from amp to amp to make processing adjustments. Other companies may be talking about processor- amps today, but Zapco has 10 years of experience in this field and remains the only processing network available for the car.

Today Zapco is rebuilding our processor line, with an eye to the quality and reliability of the past and to the new technology of today and the future. We have upgraded the DC line to include more processing features, a more stable control platform, and more channels of processing. We have created a new SX series analog processor, the ASP-Q1. The ASP-Q1 continues the features of the earlier SX’s but adds a true 3-way crossover and moves the feature selections and settings so they can be accessed quickly and easily, without removing the cover plates. We also enclosed both the EQ and the power supply in a copper chassis to block radiated noised from the system. What’s next? We are developing more digital processing and a number of processing devices aimed at maximizing the sound quality performance of factory systems so you can get Zapco sound without having to give up the features of your factory head units. So take a look at the Zapco DSP Z8 and the ASP-Q1, and stay tuned for more as Zapco continues to lead the industry in signal processing.The Zapco DSP Z8 is Zapco’s second generation digital signal processor. Now you can tune your audio system to its maximum potential with the new digital signal processing network which is included at no extra cost.

Zapco DSP Z8 Specs:

  • Speaker level inputs up to 26 Volts RMS
  • Channel Summing to combine active signal ranges to a single full range signal
  • Voltage Sensitive EQ Band/Ch to correct factory active Equalization
  • Adjustment by channel or by channel pair
  • 10 bands parametric equalization for each Channel
  • Choose a frequency or type in your own
  • Adjustable Q 0.5 to 10 • ± 15dB adjustment each band
  • Digital Electronic Crossover for each output channel
  • HP/LP/BP/Full Range selectable
  • 6dB to 36dB/Octave slopes
  • Butterworth or Linkwitz / Riley design
  • Time Delay for each output channel to .01mm or =3mm
  • Voltage sensitive EQ band lets you compensate for OEM equalized systems
  • Phase control in steps at 0°, 45°, 90°, and 180°
  • Muting by Channel or Channel pair
  • Isolate the channel you are working with and turn the rest off.
  • Dimensions in Inches : 7.9(W) x 2.3(H) x 8.6(L)

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