Zapco DC 501 1 Channel Mono Block Class A/B DSP Amplifier

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Product Description

Zapco DC 501

Zapco DC 501


Zapco DC 501 1 Channel Mono Block Class A/B DSP Amplifier

The Zapco DC 501 gives you complete DSP control with 350 watts RMS/channel at 4 ohms and 500watts RMS/channel at 2 ohms. Remember, all the DC series amp include the embedded DSP-Z8 processing software at no charge. Utilizing this software allows for speaker control and accuracy rivaling the best home systems.

The Zapco DC 501 power output:

  • -On Board, Full Function DSP
  • -Intelligent Rail Voltage Control
  • -USB Input for PC Control
  • -2nd Generation Digital Programming Network
  • -ZAPCO EHVC Output Circuitry
  • -Heavy Duty, High Current, Insulated Terminal Blocks
  • -Space Saving Flush Wiring Connections
  • -Gate Drive Boost Circuit
  • -Gate Drive Boost Circuit
  • -High Current Bipolar Outputs
  • -Optically Isolated MOSFET Power Supply
  • -Three year warranty (If Authorized Dealer Installed)
  • -Quality Zapco construction
  • -Dimensions in Inches : 7.12(W) x 2.35(H) x 14.01(L)
  • 1 Channel DC Full range class A/B
  • Power @ 2Ω: 1 x 500 watts
  • RMS Rated Power @ < 0.05%THD
  • Power @ 2Ω: 1 x 500 watts
  • Power @ 4Ω: 1 x 350 watts


The Zapco DC501 produces 350 Watts RMS at 4 ohms and 500 watts at 2 ohms to drive your woofer. If you have a 1 ohm woofer, no problem! The entire DC series of amplifiers has our exclusive Rail Voltage Monitoring System to keep the amp stable regardless of the load, down to as low as 1/2 ohm.

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