Larry Ng and Zapco Z150.6LX amps bring home gold

Larry Ng Inac 2015

Larry Ng Inac 2015

Audio Xperts Team member Larry Ng captures the coveted Iasca National Championship in Huntsville Alabama on Oct 17th, 2015. Competing in the extremely popular ProAm class, Larry faced off again 15 other competitiors from across the United States in a battle of the Sound Quality vehicles. After judging of the cars were completed, Larry initially tied fellow competitor John Kiser with the top score in the class. Larry Ng was awarded the victory based on his higher tonality score. Below are the posted results from the Iasca website.

Larry Scoreboard








What does Larry Ng drive?

Larry drives a 2004 C230 Mercedes Benz outfitted with Pioneer p99 Headunit, Arc Audio PS8 Processor, 3 Zapco Z150.6lx amplifers, 3 Hybrid Audio Clarus c12 12″ Subwoofers, Hybrid Audio L6se midbass drivers, Hybrid Audio L4se Flangeless Midrange drivers and Hybrid Audio L1ProR2 tweeters.

IASCA (an acronym for the International Auto Sound Challenge Association) is a car audio competition organization dedicated to the growth of the mobile electronics industry. Car audio competitions called “Soundoffs” are held in 34 countries around the world, setting the standard for great sound, quality installations and sound pressure levels (SPL) through our rules for competition.

Competition of any kind requires a substantial commitment by the participant, especially in time and in effort. Therefore, it’s no surprise that with this commitment comes an equally strong desire to experience the thrill of victory. The IASCA competition formats are not only designed to offer a fair and unbiased competition experience with its rules, classification and judging; we provide participants with the benefits of receiving feedback and advice based on the knowledge of our IASCA Certified Judges.

Participating in an officially sanctioned IASCA competition ensures the credibility of the judging process and enables you to meet others who share your passion. By networking with fellow competitors and witnessing other systems in competition, those who desire the best performance from their vehicle can learn of ways to improve it when exposed to this process. In all, it’s great fun and a wonderful learning experience. Through the years, many competitors have actually parleyed their competition experience into a career within the industry.


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